Patricia Moore Kinnie, B.S.

Patricia Kinnie, B.S.


• Customer Service                       • Typing 60 wpm                         • Telephone Skills
• Organized / Filling                    • Microsoft Office                         • Scheduling
• Office Equipment                       • Inventory / Ordering                • Writing Skills

Desktop Publishing
• Advertising                                 • Marketing                                   • Adobe Suite
• Proofreading                              • Electronic & Print                       • Web Site Design
• Package Design                          • News Letters                               • Ad Creation

• Communication Skills               • Optimistic                                   • Multi-Tasker
• Analytical                                    • Self Motivated                            • Detailed Oriented
• Interpersonal Skills                    • Problem Solver                          • Dedicated


  • Full understanding of the internet - web pages, social networking, copyright laws, and file transfer protocols.
  • Hardware - I have full knowledge about how to fix computers from sound cards to ram.
  • Networking skills – Can create a network with both wired and wireless hubs
  • Peripheral Knowledge – Can set up printers, faxes, and many other office equipment both for single use or use over a network.

Software Knowledge

  • Adobe: Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Distiller, InDesign, Acrobat
  • Microsoft Office: Word and Power Point & Microsoft Works
  • Various CD and DVD burning programs like Nero, Magic ISO, Windows Media Player and Sonic Record Now
  • Different online software: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox & Google Crome
  • Video formatting and converting software: WinAvi, Magic Disk
  • File compression software: WinRar and WinZip
  • Email Software: Outlook & Windows Live Essentials
  • My capacity to learn software is very good, so new programs and concepts are usually very easy for me to learn


Developer / Designer, Founder
6 Years
Team Sasquatch Sewing Services
Operating since 2012
Phone # 251-348-0922

I create, develop, produce and sell weighted items including Medical Assistive Technology for people affected with Autism, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Insomnia and other ailments. I raised an Autistic child, and created these items for him while he was growing up, since many of them were quite expensive. I created them for friends and family, who pushed me to sell commercially. A "part time hobby", we keep items affordable so more people have access to the therapy. We have also created some items for Non Profit Agencies in Colorado.

We also make Corn Hole Bags. This too started for personal use, and then blew up into a business. We have a great team, and affordable, well made products. Much of my client interaction is done on the telephone or via the internet in one way or another.

Job Responsibilities

  • Plan and direct all functions of the company – Strong leadership skills to ensure efficient/effective utilization of corporate resources
  • Manage shipping and receiving of all items / products in and out of the shop and office.
  • Manage 2 part time production employees, and their schedules
  • Deploy resources to achieve financial forecast and business objectives
  • Develop and deploy sales and marketing plans and programs for company promotion. This includes exposure on social media, local media sources, and "Meet and Greet" the public at local events such as trade shows
  • Analyze market trends and statistics to determine potential of growth – monitor sales performance regularly
  • Inventory and re-order all items needed in the shop and office. This often requires price negotiation with companies
  • Office skills such as answering phones, filing, answering all types of correspondence, records, invoice records, etc.

Administrative Assistant
3 Years
KT Wright, LLC
Milliken, CO 80543

Job Responsibilities:

  • Answered and directed phone calls
  • Scheduled meeting and appointments for clients and office personnel
  • Maintained electronic and hard copy filing systems
  • Handled requests for information and data both from owner and clients
  • Resolved administrative problems and inquiries
  • Prepared written responses to routine enquiries both by US mail, email and social media
  • Prepared and modified documents including correspondence, reports, drafts, memos and emails
  • Scheduled and coordinated meetings, appointments and travel arrangements for managers or supervisors
  • Opened, sorted and distributed incoming correspondence
  • Maintained office supply inventories
  • Coordinated maintenance of office equipment (often doing it myself)
  • Coordinated and maintained records for staff, telephones, parking and petty cash
  • Created promotional ads and ideas for advancement of the company, as well as written company practices and policies for perspective clients
  • Performed general clerical duties including photocopying, fax, mailing, and emailing

Graphic and Web Designer, Writer, Computer Technician

3 Years

I work on line and locally to serve customers' digital needs creating a variety of products from company logos to resume and cover letter writing services. I also build, rebuild or repair computers for local clientele.
I like to work with small businesses and non-profit associations.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Graphic Artist / Designer: Creating graphics for different purposes has always been my favourite job. Since I started doing this at home, I have created many advertisements, logos, menus, pamphlets, business cards, and other media for many companies.
  • Technical Support: My computer knowledge is more advanced than most, and for a long time, I didn’t charge anyone to help them out with their computer. In 2008 I decided that had to stop, and now I charge flat fee (depending on the work needed) for fixing computers.
  • Resume / CV/ Cover Letter: Writing Since my second year in college I have been making money writing resumes and cover letters for friends and family. When I couldn’t find solid work in Vermont, I went on line and advertised my skills and made decent money for a while.

I communicated with my clients through many means including social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, through email, via fax, or over the telephone. I have also video chatted with a client using Skype.

On Site I.T. Technician, Resident Artist, Special Function Assistant
1 Year
Community College of Vermont, Rutland, Vermont

Job Responsibilities:

  • Technical support throughout the campus: We had no official I.T. Tech on our campus, and I became just that almost immediately after I started. I troubleshot and fixed technical problems all over campus from printer and fax malfunctions to printer issues through the network and even setting up new network printers. If there was anything wrong with anything technical in the office, I was called in. There were even a couple of times when I was headed to class and was asked to troubleshoot a problem during my class break, off the clock. I always helped out because I loved the people I worked with.
  • Tutoring and software tech support: I spent a good time in the 3 computer labs helping students with various issues. I helped students convert different files to be compatible with our computers and taught them how to do it on their own. Sometimes I was called in to help a student with an English paper, since I was a straight A student and my English professor asked if I would help. I also taught students how to do various things on the computer like print to different printers and how to backup their information.
  • Billboard / Display Project Supervisor: I was put in charge of all the boards on the Rutland campus (8). I created boards for students to put their used books up for sale, advertised for college events, gave information about other colleges affiliated with ours, health tips for students, and other types of boards.
  • Special Projects: Since I am a graphic artist, I was constantly being asked to create new projects for different reasons. I created many new banners and t-shirt designs while I was there, and was often called on by professors to create educational displays for their classes. Many of the maps and handouts they still use were created by me when I was a student / employee there.
  • Special External Projects: I Helped plan and prepare special functions on and off campus like “Café CCV” and Relay for Life. I really enjoyed these projects as I was always surprised at how many students and staff stepped up to be a part of these projects. We planned and executed many outside ad events to encourage everyone to attend at least some college. I was also responsible for a few student orientation functions while I worked there.
  • Front Desk Attendant: I greeted students, and assessed their needs and helped them find the next step in the process of becoming/being a student. Often times I would take the student to the computer lab and set them up with assessment tests to determine their educational needs.
  • Answered multi-lined phones and directed calls to their destinations. Sometimes I would have to tech support students over the phone in regards to our web site by helping them logon or just navigate the site to see their grades or classes.
  • Set appointments for office staff both over the phone and with students and potential students at the front desk. Sometimes this required getting information about the student and determining what phase of the process they are in and who they need to speak to next.
  • Inventory / Ordering: Once a week, it was my job to go through the supplies for the entire campus and inventory them. Then I filled out order forms that I then took to the Site Supervisor to sign and mailed it out. When the supplies arrived, it was my job to verify all items, and then put them away.
  • Mail: I sorted mail for the staff at the college in the office and was also responsible for a lot of outgoing mail as well. We used a digital machine for postage in that office.
  • Work Orders: This was a form to be filled out by any employee of the college needing office support through our office. Professors and office staff fill out these forms and we fulfil them. Many times they were simple things like having copies made, but other times they were items like creating a flyer, having it approved, and then mailing it out to listed students and/or faculty.
  • General Cleaning: Cleaned bathrooms (5), break room, and sometimes the science and art labs.
  • Other: Twice a month I cleaned each computer lab thoroughly, including the keyboards, mice, monitor, mouse pad, and every part of the desk they sit on. Twice a shift we took turns going to every computer lab and classroom with a printer and checking the paper supplies.

Production Artist

2 Years
Fence Post Magazine, Greeley, Colorado

I started this job as a paid internship in October of 2002, after obtaining a job there as a proof reader. Months after I started, the Production Manager resigned, and I was left with these responsibilities for a few months. This was by far my favorite job, but I moved to Vermont to be close to my family

Job Responsibilities:

  • Graphic/Production Artist: My first responsibility for this job was to create digital advertisements for local businesses to place in our magazine. We worked on Macs and used Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark XPress to create, organize then paginate our ads and magazine. While working here, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to create a couple of corporate flyers for big companies that were distributed nationally for years.
  • Customer Service: I communicated with clients and customers on the phone and through email and fax to fulfill their digital needs. I created an ad and did what was needed to make the customer happy and sign off on it by production time.
  • Office Supply Inventory: It was I who inventoried needed office supplies, filled out a request for said supplies, then submitted them to the office for approval and action. We also shared printer with other departments, and I kept a keen eye on those who wasted paper, as often our department put most of the paper in the printers; and I would ask other department heads to put paper in the printer to save costs in our department.
  • Product Pagination: I and another employee were in charge of paginating both magazines before print. In doing this, we had to place ads on specific pages, as not to conflict with a competitor’s ad, and to match the subject of the page to the advertisement. We used Acrobat distiller to send the final products to the pre-press computer for negative creation.
  • Quality Control: Another worker and I shared the responsibility of checking the negatives of the magazines. The pre-pressman would let us know when they are ready and we would examine them for registration marks, and for possible errors in ads or the way they are placed.
  • Checking Negatives: the pressman would let us know when the first few issues of our magazine were printed, and we checked them for registration line-up and color problems. We often took turns in all of these jobs.
  • Cataloguing: We still worked with tear sheets back then, and I was responsible for making sure a few magazines from each addition of our magazine were pulled and filed in our physical archive. Once a month, I went through the entire physical archive and inventoried what we had for “tear sheet books” and submitted the findings to the sales manager.
  • Archiving: I was responsible for archiving all of our company’s ads and graphic files once a week, as well as that of the Greeley Tribune’s. I accessed the files through the network, burned them on to CD (x 2), and put one copy in a book accessible by all employees, and the other in a book I gave to the production manager of the Greeley Tribune.

We created 2 weekly Agricultural Magazines; The Rocky Mountain Fence Post and The Nebraska Fence Post. During the time I worked there, The Nebraska Fence Post reported its first profit in many years and we got an Award of Excellence for it.

Assistant to Business Department Heads
2 Years
Assistant to Two Department Heads, Business

Job Responsibilities:

  • Graded Papers Both professors had me grade papers from Legal to English.
  • Special Projects: I helped plan and execute functions on campus like “The Health Fair” to encourage students to make healthy choices, and “The Business Meet”, where students from high schools all over the area were invited to Aims to compete in their skills such as typing and filing. From creating and sending out invitations to the high schools to putting together over 200 hundred packets for each student who attended, I did it all.
  • General Office: I filed, typed syllabuses and correspondence letters, and handled mail for both heads. I also made calls to students who left messages and set up appointments for both heads.
  • Billboard / Advertising: I was in charge of creating attractive displays in 4 billboards and message boards in the business building; promoting upcoming events and making note of successful students.

Transcripts Available

Bachelor of Science, General Studies
Johnson State College, Johnson, Vermont
(Now Northern Vermont University)
Johnson, VT 05656
2008 to 2010

Vocational Training, Web Site Design and Administration
Community College of Vermont, Rutland, Vermont
May 2005 to May 2007

Associate of Applied Science, Graphic Technology, Pre-Press
Aims Community College, Greeley, Colorado
September 2001 to December 2002

Certificate, Business Technology
Aims Community College, Greeley, Colorado
January 1995 to August 2001







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